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Quite the Vision

The Envisioning Research contest offers an alternate — and artful — reality to science.

Since 2016, NC State has recognized researchers’ watchful eyes — and their artistry — with the Envisioning Research contest. The annual competition calls for faculty and staff, postdocs, and graduate and undergraduate students to submit art that captures their research and the beauty of it. Categories include photography, microscopy, graphics and data visualization and video. Here’s a sample of the 2022 Envisioning Research contest winners.

Say hello to Felix, above, who’s shown here looking up at his father, who’s off camera. The photo marks a return to the Duke Lemur Center for the researcher, who last visited the lemurs before COVID-19. Kenzie Cromer, undergraduate student in the College of Sciences, first place in photography by undergraduate students.

With an inadvertent nod to George Harrison, the sun hangs over the site of one of NC State’s floral hemp variety trials, which help farmers find the best variety for their region. David Suchoff ’15 MS, ’18 PHD, alternative crops Extension specialist and assistant professor in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, first place in photography by faculty and staff.

What’s your best guess? Waves of electricity? Membranes? Something in a liquid? Not even close. It’s a microscopic image of the surface of a 3D printed box. Lilian Okello, graduate student in the College of Engineering, second place in microscopy by graduate students and postdocs.

As pretty as the blues and whites in this graphic are, it’s a harrowing image. This predictive model shows the projected flood risk of Charleston, S.C., by 2050 if something’s not done to curb global warming. The white signifies developed land while all shades of blue denote predicted flooded areas. Margaret Lawrimore ’20, graduate student in the College of Natural Resources, honorable mention in graphics and visual design by graduate students and postdocs.

Click here for a complete list of winners and their images.

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